Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bionic design

The design process today take so many steps to do/thing/compare//made,
so we can say the design is interdisciplinary process.
I am not new into hydrofoils, it was some moments in my life which push
me forward a bit. One was for sure the try on Aquaskiper, great tool on
the water! There is no better feel when you slide on the water surface
with almost no power, gliding I mean! It is like sailplane gliding true the air,
like a bird, like a fish under water! YES that is!

In my past 10+ years I was spend a lot of time with kitesurfing,
starting in late 90', make me still fun to go on the water today. The hydrofoil
for the kite board was made.There was no hi-tech CAD/CAM and FEA done,
just go strait forward with the goal to glide on the water! Shapes come to my
mind was for sure inspire from the nature, on the design process we call this
Bionic design,

Well done here it is:

I was learn a lot from these geometry, it works well, almost too precise
and too powerful. It was crazy summer, with a lot of fun on the water.

Lets go back to Foil extensions for Moth. Here it is quite the same story.

Once I get the idea what to do, then is no restrictions any more. Drawing
table, pencil, paper on the first steps, then the comp is in charge.
Inspiration come for sure from nature, we can say bionic design!
It is simply like, if is enough good for the fish fin/flippers then is no doubt
anymore! Shapes which was created from the nature in the past evolution
are incredible. We can find a lot of answers there.
The Moth foils are specific, here we have the function/technology and
the shape, hand by hand together! I know a lot of today foils on the
moth have full span flaps and the question is why? It is driven by technology,
because any other shape is too difficult to made, or it is simply
development done step by step. For sure some kind of elastic flap
systems will be present in future, we need just to find the right
technology and materials.
And remember it was done years ago, by the mother nature!

Some nice Bionic designs, driven by hi-end technology are here:
One nice step was done on transferring Whale flippers to the wind turbine propeller!
Picture currently from

This one and many others can be find over net.

The next step which make the hairs gray on the foils is connection in "T" corner.
As we all know any corner of two surfaces in aerodynamic or hydrodynamic
calculations made a drag. For example the wing and the body connection is
one of the biggest drag regions on the plane. It is the same on the moth,
of course it is! So on us is to solve the existing problem on the best way we can.

Here it is a lot of not academic know how to be read true:

I was throw some ideas in brain reactor already, the process is not
finished yet, but when the results come out, it will be published!

touch and go

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