Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Code Fire Box Flyers

There is no product without promotion material, a hard job for all of them who work in the sell department. In case of Fire Box the story is for a step different. This is not a public product it is dedicated more to small productions, workshops and fire departments. I was take over the graphic design and the page layout of the flayers. My goal was to present as good as possible the product, which not exist yet, to be well visual presented, with all clear functions on the board.
In all we have three systems the Powder, Foam and the CO2. On the first page they are all three together and then one by one, with all technical characteristics.
Again the power of Alibre systems was the right choice on the board. The best is to use the same 3D drawings of the parts for the renders too. All in one package and here are the results! The Flyers are done!

Step by step we are closer to the point to have this Blog up to date! Flyers survive the exhibition and fair!

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