Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Foiling Week Garda lake 2014

just come back from Garda lake, where we was with Ota visit the TFW 2014.
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It was great event and all respect to Italian team of enthusiasts to bring the TFW to alive.
To be there was some how the privilege with respect to the world power people
on foils, with foils, for foils! We have chance to listen the conference and free talk to great minds
of hydrofoiling as James Grogono, Andrew McDougall, Martin Fischer, Thomas Jundt,
Tom Speer, Edoardo Bianchi, Phil Stevenson.

The short picture report can be find

We saw different designs, different boats, some of them was possible to test
and what is more important  is we share ideas,
the visions of the coming 3rd dimension on the water.

TFW, we are coming again, hope for next year, not only with the camera, with the boat,
foils, wings, lets go for it!

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