Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back to the routes

It was idea, vision and try! The rest of the steps just follow!
The small DLG glider, 1m wing span, for flying on the backyard!
The steps done, Cad drawings of the new body, 3D printed prototype, reinforced
with some CFK roving /it works/! The wings out of Moth foil mold!
tails from 2mm balsa, boom CFK ravings on the conical pool!
The fist K1 glider fly well, so we decided with friends to make real one!
Not dedicated for some DLG competitions, more on the friends/fly/fun side!

Sandwich wings, styrodur core, vacuum bagging

Look of the K1 #1

New CAD body

And the video of one of the first trows!

Stay tuned, its fly ;-)

Not the last one, I was working in past monts on the "big" drone in size of
3,7m, the construction in full CFK, weight of the constr only 6kg, the full fly
weight 25kg! The whole project is under NDA, so I can not share more precise 
info online! The representative of DADA agency will understand ;-)

touch and go