Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

End of the year, but not end of Creativity ;-)
With the Happy foiling 2015 card, I wish you all the best
whatever you flying over the water, or you will be flying!
The 2015, as it was the present year, will be dedicated for
and how to fly over the H2o surface!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas nativity set 2014

Dear all,
for this year, early enaught, for coming hollidays I give
to all readers of the blog the Christmas nativity set!

The set is laser cute from 3mm plywood and was made for special order. the basic template
is 800x300mm in flat! The set include the box for store the set when not in use!
Lets make celabrations for ourself and for kids!

Here are the templates in Ai and Pdf format. Please take note to use laser cut and 3mm plywood!
In case you use the CNC router, make re sample of the pieces to avoid coalitions and milling path!

Link to file templates:
Ai file Christmas-2014-projection-2

PDF Christmas-2014-projection-2

Wish you happy holidays and merry Christmas


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Elastic flaps system

On 10th of November the news from NASA and Air Force Research Laboratory,
go around the world with this system of elastic flaps:

More about the Flex system

I say for myself, finally ;-)
As I wrote here on the A good mix of Creativity, 5y ago on the post

Means I was not wrong, maybe to early, but definitely on the right way!
I am sure the technology and development will go forward also on this
aerodynamically technical problem.

Future of sailing are the wings, I can predict we will see in short the sameless wings on AC boats!
Wait and see ;-)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Foiling Week Garda lake 2014

just come back from Garda lake, where we was with Ota visit the TFW 2014.
More about here

It was great event and all respect to Italian team of enthusiasts to bring the TFW to alive.
To be there was some how the privilege with respect to the world power people
on foils, with foils, for foils! We have chance to listen the conference and free talk to great minds
of hydrofoiling as James Grogono, Andrew McDougall, Martin Fischer, Thomas Jundt,
Tom Speer, Edoardo Bianchi, Phil Stevenson.

The short picture report can be find

We saw different designs, different boats, some of them was possible to test
and what is more important  is we share ideas,
the visions of the coming 3rd dimension on the water.

TFW, we are coming again, hope for next year, not only with the camera, with the boat,
foils, wings, lets go for it!

touch and go

Monday, June 16, 2014

14 Years

What a coincidence,
when I agreed to test the new Hydrofoil board, I did not even have the idea that I will meet a 14 years old kite surf  board, which was produces by me in 2000, completely up to date for that time.
There is 14 years of development in the area of ​​kite products.
Newbie meets the oldie, nice feel and they looks great together ;-)


Some successful board test was made ​​later and here it is the photo documentation. Looks well an it is good to see the Hydrofoil driven by the young power! Yari do his job well and we are all waiting for the next stage of R & D! Test was made in cooperation with and driven by mr. Boris Stepanov! Thanks guys!

Wait and see this place for additional info on the new foils, the development is going to Switzerland
 and yes into the workshop are the CrossOver foils for  ;-) 



Sunday, June 1, 2014

Iinfinity adjustment of the main foil

Axeman Moth modification!

In 2014, I can say the Axeman7 is old school moth in the past low-rider,
then adapted for foiling, get modification nov on the main foil vertical.
As we all know the angles are one of the most important construction
points on sailboat foiling. Once I make the decision to adapt the attachment
of the main foil with infinity adjustment of the angle.
So here is my solution with slide upper fix point for vertical, where I can now free
adjust the angle as I wish!

Well the moth insiders will say OK but you loose the wand control vire distance! Well done,
it is correct until I get the spare parts and modify the steering mechanisms too ;-)
For now this is for me great improvement to play, adjust and study the angels!

The geometry and dynamics is well explained from Carbonicboats here

I thing one day moth class will get the same system as is in use at Don's K2 foiler

without flap system on foils, but with whole foil moving front and back.
The foils will be designed more into direction of today kite foils.
Yes this is the closer vision, not so far away and not to be surprised if
some design propositions appear from Good mix of creativity up!

Have fun and see you at TFW on lake Garda

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hydrofoil 2014 part II

as some request was written on Kiteforum, section Hydrofoil
like @drLihgtWind find the Stelth race board from the past is used
to test new foils creation. Nice comment good observation ;-)

@ windfreak74 was asking for more specifications of the hydrofoil,
lets make some points clear first.

As I wrote already the foil is made out of Moth hydrofoil molds with shorter span of 500mm
and the cord of 110mm. At the hydrofoils we have on the first place two well known problems!
Ventilation and cavitation, as the ventilation occur when the air from above the water line is drawn
and cavitation occurred when the water pressure around the foil come to the point of boiling.
More about this stages here,%20cavitation.htm

The reason to have the curved mast to front is to avoid the possible ventilation,
this is one point the second is pointed angle forward  in vertical axis by Yaw movement give us
some positive Pitch movement, not to draw the nose down!

-The tail must to be out of turbulence of the stunt and wings
-Why Inverted V tail? On the whole hydrofoil geometry we need the same flying surfaces as on the airplane.
Wings, tail, rudder! The V-tail is lighter, has less wetted surface area, and thus produces less drag.
Inverted V tail geometry is in this construction well out of the turbulence of wings and body of hydrofoil.

-General length from wing to tail 500-600mm

Some more ideas and work already on the desk and the cad screen,
lets see whats come out of this pot!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hydrofoil 2014 part I

Mahalo out there,
slowly I am back with the blog, here it was some quiet situation, but not in life & work & design.

As I wrote way back in 2009
regarding bionics design in correlation to hydrofoils, the 2014 is time to present new
one based on experiences from the past.
More pictures here:

Yes the new kite hydrofoil was in last days for the first time on the water and above!
The shape and H-dynamics is based on my Moth hydrofoil and it works well in this
configuration too!

In close future this space will be updated with more info!
Stay tuned!