Thursday, July 9, 2015

The foiling week Garda 2015

right back from Garda lake, complete some photos and
you can find the gallery here

or here TFW 2015

As the last year TFW is the best meet of the foiling boats from all around the world.
Good organization from Domenico, Luka and the rest of TFW team. For any R&D,
design or manufacturing people, it is priceless to be there. All the right power people are
coming together, have discussions, the forum run and it is much more to see on the water!
So do not miss this event in the future!

Amac was presented the new Waszp, the people foiler, so this is now official ;-)
Good work done Andrew!

The kite hydrofoil was there, well accepted from foil community!

Well for this year we have with us the Old-timer as well. 10years of foiling or living museum
as we have jokes in foil community! The axeman7 moth sill on foils, well we broke the push road
on the main foil, so we was on the water only for two days. Oldy survive and crew also and
this is important!

White bear cat, Luc is assisting and help to crew!

Three type of today foiling boats,
Moth, Laser and FF, the kite foil is missing!

The SLO 4201 Luka Tomori doing well for the firt time on the event!

 Next year generation of foilers ;-)

Ota preparing the boat for the lake trials!

In all, Garda lake, TFW we are coming back for next year,
not for holidays, with new stuff, new ideas, new products!