Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy 2015

End of the year, but not end of Creativity ;-)
With the Happy foiling 2015 card, I wish you all the best
whatever you flying over the water, or you will be flying!
The 2015, as it was the present year, will be dedicated for
and how to fly over the H2o surface!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas nativity set 2014

Dear all,
for this year, early enaught, for coming hollidays I give
to all readers of the blog the Christmas nativity set!

The set is laser cute from 3mm plywood and was made for special order. the basic template
is 800x300mm in flat! The set include the box for store the set when not in use!
Lets make celabrations for ourself and for kids!

Here are the templates in Ai and Pdf format. Please take note to use laser cut and 3mm plywood!
In case you use the CNC router, make re sample of the pieces to avoid coalitions and milling path!

Link to file templates:
Ai file Christmas-2014-projection-2

PDF Christmas-2014-projection-2

Wish you happy holidays and merry Christmas