Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Autumn Glory

Once it was a wish and the wish become reality!
The goal was to have the Autumn Glory
violin ready to play before Christmas!

Two days ago the new violin give the play, it is wonderful feeling after all
the work to hear instrument at work! Again prof. Tomaz Pinter
help me with the experience of master. Violin have, before the sound post was positioning,
really big troubles with "E" string oscillation. So strange and ugly tone, unbelievable!
After the sound post was insert the oscillation disappear in 90%,
it is still there at the hi tones but looking what it was is perfect!

Here it is, the Autumn Glory of itself.
The redwood hybrid plank mixed with carbon fiber and honeycomb sandwich,
the carbon wall and the "standard" scroll! Maple neck and ebony fingerboard!

The sound check was done at hook no preparation, really from the heart, enjoy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas nativity

As every year, like some tradition I am making Christmas figures.
For his year a some past designs was used and reproduced.
Looking in direction to find optimal relation of hand craft and design,
with the traditional nativity scene turning a work in modern art!
The small ones are made from acrylic glass, laser cut and
base of palisander woo! Height app. 15cm.

Bigger one represent the wood carving base&background with acrylic figures!
The American walnut, brown red structure was rough milled on CNC first and
for the finish, as must to be carved with knifes! So pleasure work
with the smell of wood!

Enjoy the rest of the days left before Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Violin second step

Time is running me away like a hell,
the second violin is on the working bench!
In process of design I have now four violins.
It will follow the fist one step by step. Soon the second
one will give the sound, then the decision on technical
futures will be made for the next steps.
"Autumn glory"
Light reed wood, ebony fingerboard, carbon scroll, some nice
details on the wall! Some pictures of formation are bellow!

"Celtic beauty"
In full carbon look, with gold Celtic graphic on the planks and bottom/upper nut
from brass! Pure extraordinary look as Celtic beauty desire!

"Dark vibrations"
Reed wood, dark fell, Wood look, fingerboard carbon on palisander wood,
tail piece palisander , maybe the peg also, chinrest palisander.

"Yellow madness" Yellow wood, with carbon frame and ornament purfling!

So this are the plans, lets see whats come out of this!

And again here we have some nice material patterns!

Enjoy life!