Monday, March 23, 2015

The internet galaxy & hydrofoils

Mahalo readers,
Not I am lazy, but simply no time on the running projects to be really accurate here and write
daily/weekly the news on the blog! Some of people are simply better on CAD and in workshops
at R&D, some of them are writers and good on social media pages.

Lets make some update on kitefoils under R&D.
It is true the post on Kite forum push me to write here again

Where the community found from Christmas card the Owing kite foil. Really happy to see some
of the people have really sharp eye on new products.

For me not new foil, the Owing was presented at TFW on Garda lake last summer
Where all the big minds of foiling world come together, to present and interchange the work, ideas etc.

At the moment the molds for "classic hydrofoil" are ready in production, I will post here the finished product!
The kitefoil is developed  for the from Swiss!

 Main Crossover AH-foil wing mold

 Body mold finished
 Vertical half of the mold
 The negative V tail

Here some early comp graphic from last year! The Owing is under development and before summer is in plane to hit the water ;-)

Lets move the product to be simply as possible!

touch and go