Sunday, October 31, 2010

Violin passion part II

As the word was given, the pictures says more then words! Step by step illustration of the making of! Almost all the parts are done, even the carbon fiber scroll, which was real challenge. More of CFK scroll in my next posts. Here we have some steps of couture, milling of belly and bottom, cutting of the couture!

The graphic was applying o the top of the belly in vacuum process as well the bottom. The neck was construed in  and milled out from the wood block. At the end the finished plank have less then 75g. What this mean will be clear when the violin will be played!

On the plan is final assembly and the mystic of the carbon fiber scroll! Follow this space for more information's!
Thx dr.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Violin passion

Violin as a music instrument and excellent wood hand work piece, not to mention as design part, it is a wish to be touch for any designer. It touch me as well! First time on the university, late 80'! I visit the luthier, tell him my wish to make violin, He say, yes, yes my young friend, go ahead and come back to me, time to time. Well I was visit him twice precisely and forget for violin for 10y. Not completely forget, it stays in my mind somehow!
In mid of 90' I was back made for my good friend the weeding present! Here it is the Hi-Teac violin:

Did I am making good designs only for a weeding presents, I hope not, two of them for sure, the Eric Tye and Nejc violin. In late 90' the second one was made the same shape, technology and design. The second one is in my hands, it was made them for design exhibition only!

After 10 years I am back with violins, this time on my workbench, better to say on comp and CNC and workshop is the new one.
Hybrid violin, still without name but the fist info is here!

From this CAD drawings, not much to see, but from technology and design will be real masterpiece! I will tray to fill up time to time as the steps and results of the work!
For the better visualization some renders of violin!

As it is possible to see the shape remain "classical"! And this is all. The rib is done from 45deg orientated Carbon fiber vacuumed with weenier! The belly was taken on CNC out of full wood, then the carbon fiber layer was under special technology laminated on inside of "plank". The top part get the grafic on, violin will be finished in week or so and in this time I will post some steps of technology! Watch this space! Thanks to and Keyshot render software on help to have this violin on realization!

Late October

Well summer is over, defiantly, we get fresh new snow in the mountains! Moth was find a place under the roof in workshop, will be well stored over the winter. So for next five months no sailing on fresh water. The remains are still alive, like this one from neighborhood lake Osiacher see, where we was with local sailing club, enjoing the wind:

It is good to see "old" Axeman still alive after broken foil, scratched tramp and and so on!
For this summer I was broke the main foil twice! It was reparid twice as well and it is now
in bad shape, well still working, but not 100%. The main flap must to be adjusted to get more
lift at speeds under 10knots. For the moment no big plans for moth activities over the winter, for sure some designs visions will be proceed!