Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moth hydrofoil extensions

I am connected to the nature, air and water are my elements, this is for sure. From the early beginning making the boats models, then RC sailing and at the end my connection to the kitesurfing / / Over last years I was flowing the Moth sailing class, which I find weary interesting! The whole story went so far, I was buy a Moth this spring! Yes Moth on hydrofoils come to my place late April. Here it is first time on the lake! Some nice sailing days I spent over the summer, but this crazy machine need 10-12knots wind to come up on the foils! The spe of the main foil and the tail is squere, this is bad hydrodynamic solution. I was looking already over summer to change and make new foils, doesn't happened true the lack of time! Axeman 7 GBR 4067 on the foils, it was hard this day because the wind was strong in gusts up to 30knots, well to much for this boat! The story for today writing is different. The decision was Axeman need new extensions on the foils. In vision to have more performance, less drag and earlier take of, I go for it! In short, there was couple of steps to do. First find the foil sections, then use the CAD, in my case the! Working n the foils sections and shape. Solid was constructed on the 1/2 size of the foil. On next steps some surface check was done with the mesh elements. Logical step forward go to CAM, here is the first milling path, and the finishing steps! A quick jump to the lab, use Carbon fibre material, vacuum and we have first two extensions out of the mold. //OK OK, it is not so easy, but I am lazy to write!// Like every piece done from Carbon fibers looks great! Here they are finally assembled on the existing Axeman/Fast-craft hydrofoils Don't ask me what is next step is ........ sure go to test them, the extensions! The only problem will be the air and the water temperatures on North Adria. Water have today around 15deg C and the air the same. Goal is to be on the water for next week, I hope I will make it! In all I am still not sure if these extensions are just modifying of Axeman or it is beginning of designing the new Moth! I will see and post here what the future will show! Next time some more design news!


  1. Hey Dr,

    Good to see this boat still going! The foils on this were built by Full Force in Weymouth, not by Fastacraft. It is worth checking the foil angles as a lot has changed in the way they are set up since this boat was converted to Hydrofoiling. It would probably benefit from more lifting angle on the mainfoil to help with the take off speed.

    Good luck!

  2. Mahalo Cookie, good to hear you here, I will come back to you later on! Sorry to mix FullForce and Fastcraft!