Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Somewhere we must to start.This Blog will bee a good mix of Creativity, Design, Technology, Sport and yes, sometimes a truth of life! As dr. James wrote once for SEAJUMP kiteboards, I will past and copy his words about. Because dr. James is dr. Lojz thats true and simply. I was found the Seajump name in late '90 from then up to now nothing change. The brain lab still works with full power and results are outside in use! So as dr. James says:

Seajump - what is it?

It is all and nothing, but above all it is a deeply rooted stubbornness. Once it was a vision, and it remains a vision. It is our and your soul that drives us forward. Seajump is always one step ahead of time and never follows the herd instinct. We have an excitingly strong and well equipped laboratory for performing and studying brain flips, which are subsequently intravenously injected into the evolving products. The transfer of molecular vibrations is achieved using a development reactor, from which the spatial form is then created. We are also able to clone our products, but at the same time we aim to upgrade and further develop them. Obtained reflected frequencies at forums and spots are vital for our further research and development. After every successful project completion, we move to a secret home-spot and enjoy! Our laboratory staff consists also of the special group of psychoanalysts, who are dealing with too powerful brain waves of our selected specialists, whose brain vibrations must be adjusted to a normal level as prescribed by the national health service. Our research results are being used by several market leading sport companies in the world, located in various climates from cold Switzerland, hot Hawaii, to wet Britain. So much about the laboratory and the reactor.

Regards, Dr. James

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