Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Summary of the hydrofoils R&D

Hydrofoils R&D 2015 update
after successful TFW and some good sessions on the lake, plus a lot of time
on the comp and in workshop, here the summary of the work!

Y foil
As already posted the Y Moth sail ruder hydrofoil!
Status, vertical mold ALU done, foil on testing!


The Classic kite hydrofoil done for the AHcustoms.ch
The hydrofoil with great potential for super low take of and great gliding suport
true the jibes and free riding. The set up and construction allow the modifications to
the race setup too!

From the shadow

Precision of the CNC molds

 General look



And not the last one, as was predicted here the "O"wing concept kite hydrofoil.
Out there in the aeronautic circles they are different names of this kind of wing set up!
From the box wing, circle wing, elliptical wing, closed wing, joined wing all of them are use the same
idea to drop down as much as possible wingtip vortex!
The working name Owing was chosen as the shape run continues all around!

With three new hydrofoils in this period I am happy to complete the work.
T "Y" and the Owing are booth into the testing period, more of the conclusions later on!

Stay tuned