Sunday, November 15, 2009

Code Fire Box part II

Back on the route,
the design process of the chosen "edgy" take a place. From the initial shape some parameters was changed, like the pistol can not to be placed outside in a gap like here,

The Fire Box get the 300mm wells for better handling on a ruff surfaces! Parallel on the polishing the "EdgyBox" the whole inside of the Box was drawn into Alibre parametric CAD.
Here it is the CO2 set up with 9 bottles of gas

Parallel with the "EdgyBox" I was take a variation of the design3 on the table as well, because the corner holders was solved much more better here then on design2!

So step by step to the final design, at some point the decision was made, we need compromise true design2 and design3! That's mean less edgy and more round shape will be the right one!

Again parallel the hard work was done on inside parts and renders to bring this pieces to the life. Here is one of the in between steps, the inside firebox pieces into the hangar! /no real photo just illusion and computer graphic//

The Box shape after close of the month work come to the final shape. The top is opening, the Z side cut remain, the corner holders was adapt to the best ergonomic shape and again we are in Hangar for presentation.

At the ens and also on the edge with the timing of the project some small changes was done! Not only in colors but also in dimensions, door placement, base of the box and so on! Lets take a look on the "final"
renders into the Hangar which was used for the flayers as well! More regarding Flyers later on!

In closer look on the last two designs you can see on the door the round shape box, this will be control box for the CO2 bottles! I was prepare the initial design for the control box as well, the design is not yet confirmed /15.11.2009/ and I will post here if we go forward with this shape or not!

From the beginning I was wondering how the corner holders will work in 1:1 measurement. Drawing on the screen is one side of the world and reality is sometimes different. To check the situation I was simply mill out of RDM plate the corner on the small cnc router in the studio lab. This works well true and we have for the first time the corner part into the real dimension!

At the last stage the final CAD drawings was done in AlibreCAD and the solids was send to CAM workshop to mill out of the Ciba Block materiel the pre-mold shape of the whole box! Two shots more from the screen, the wire-frame image of the box and the solid one!

More of this and closer look on the 1:1 box next time!

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