Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pimp up MC18

Here it is another design project in my design lab, the remote control from 1990 is getting the new face! I was using this remote for the competitions which I stop in 1995. Three years ago the old MC18 was wake up again, it is still work perfectly, but in a short will be converted on 2,4Ghz, the new transmit-ion system. At the same moment the face-lift of the RC will be made! Here it is the oldy MC18 All over the years, from my point of view not so much was done on right product design of the remote controls. Well some high lights was presented and this is good. From the othere side more or less all the RC products today looking as the gaming devices. Lets make some serious step forward! Working on the new concept, it is in early stage of design development, but already on the stage to be presented! Here it is, the pimped MC18 on 2,4Ghz The design process is somehow on the middle of the way. Some more steps will be done and at the end the plane is to make the body with the Laser RP technology, which is at the moment the best way to make one/two parts from plastic! Follow up this space, will be fun to see what is coming out from the Laser reactor!

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