Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Micro FLY

Let's go for a week or two back and "clean" whats happened on RC level. I was always looking to discover extremity on RC planes. The new Spectrum system allow now to build and fly /specially/ really light models. Light I mean 30g RTF. My fist touch with this micro level was the MicroFly1, good starting point for the future projects. It was build for a step too heavy because I was not able t get in short the CFK poles under the 1mm. The model is powered with 8.5mm brushed E-motor, equipped with Spectrum 6400 receiver /Thanks to Eric from for support //, so the weight was around 40g. Way too much for this type of models, but still flyable! Here it is the "light monster" Some fly's was done on the backyard too. Here it is Luc trow the model! He enjoy as well! We was fly with Luc in the Town Castle hall, where the baroque architecture meet the hi-end technology, so goof feeling to fly around the hang light. Luc was made & fly with his freeFlight 8g creation on 1lipo and small electric motor. He reach the fly times close to 5min. Weary good! Then the second edition of the MicroFly2. The model was done for 10g lighter in construction, it fly weary good and I am satisfied with. The RC setup remain the same, the construction was improved! Th RTF weight under 30g, beautiful! Some test fly was done in atrium of shopping center! This will be never ending story, building and flying the models is something special!

Instrument plate

Back on the route. The overnight project is on the schedule, well it is almost finished, at least from dr. side! The premold instrumental panel was designed, draw in 3D, in Alibre CAM module calculated the machining path and milled then on CNC. From the shape and construction not complicated piece, but important in Time schedule of the FireBox assembly. The piece was done from MDM plate it will be in next steps covered with epoxy and polished. Fromm then the mold will be taken! Here it is the piece on the CNC: This is 1/2 of the final length, somehow the Y axis is not enauht long to make piece in one step, who care, it is done! Dr. is back better then ever!

Monday, January 18, 2010

2010_1st One

Dr. is back better then ever. The comp was cleaned and restored on new, all the reest is now history. Graphic/3D/CAM/Alibre run like a heal now and I am younger for 1monts, he he! The work is going on, I am happy to go ahead! More work soon here! dr.Lojz

Friday, January 8, 2010

System break down

System break down
-----------NO PICTURE--------- -----------any more---------
If you have ever had a virus on your pc, you will know how frustrating it can be. With pop ups occurring every second, file names being changed, slowness of the computer and everything else that it involves; it just adds up to being a complete and utter nightmare! But dr.Lojz wil be back soon, better then ever ;-) dr.