Friday, May 20, 2016

Moth vang bar

on sailing activities, well more in workshop then on the water ;-) I create with the initial idea from
Luka Tomori SLO 4201 Moth vang bar system

Bar mounted on Michi Moth AUT 3793
Max is also with the new vang bar, was win the Austrian championship in past weekend

 The winners Österreichische Meisterschaft – Attersee

  All CNC machined
 Harken ring inside
 The bars go to Italy, GB, Austria
 Perfect molds for the Vang bar!
 Vang bar mounted on Luka boat SLO 4201

One product more from Good mix of creativity labs ;-)

Luc wooden skis

Lucian was finish the compete wooden skis for his product technology exam
at finals in high school in Ljubljana!
Attach the Lucian final school project, the wood skis, I add the CFK plate and
mr. Slatnar the binding, the steel edges are made by Tiko laser cut!
All in all the project of the best! The skis was on exhibition in Ljubljana, The wonder of wood
now the skis are in city hall and after at the final school presentation! Happy Luc!

 The skis are made on old wood bending technology, full Ash core, hand carved, oiled only, carbon fiber binding plate, back country ski binding by Satnar carbon and the laser cut edges by Tiko company In this stage we connect with the project the Slovenian companies on one product!

Caligrafie pen box

as for every year, I drive the short course of Caligrafie for the kids in 5th clas /10y old/
and we enjoy the hours together! We go true the history of writing, made some exercise writing to learn the hand to be able double thick line to create and at the end we redraw the alphabet!
Parallel to this I was create the wooden box to care the fragile balsa wooden pens! For this year the pens get also the fire stamp of dr.Lojz logo on and looks wonderful!

Wood work of the finest with good design and soul driven by Dada!

The boxes come to the final at Car Lesa exhibition in Ljubljana
Car lesa ==> Wonder of wood

Jetpack Challenge

one of successful projects of this end of winter was RedBull Jetapck with Filip Flisar the world ski cross champ! The challenge come from RedBull and true the channels the Good mix of creativity was found to make the idea real! It was going fast, to catch the snow on Pokljuka plato!
I was take care of design, construction, work and finalizing. With the man of the turbine Urban Simcic, was clear, we go on the full! And it was!
From RedBull FB page
Sking With A Jetpack

We use the Alu frame back pack, with the CFK/AFK main plate, add the 1300°C tex to prevent over heating, the turbine cover and spoilers for better air flow! The engine is Titan from AMT Jets Netherlands, with 95K rpm, 40kg constant push and 850deg C exhaust temperature!

The making of video here 

The official RedBull English report here

All went well, we not explode, no fire, no crashes, just a lot of smiles on the faces! 
Fun and speed and days of thunder at plato Pokljuka!

touch and go