Friday, November 12, 2010

Violin passion part VI & sound check

Dreams are all about we are looking for,
the violin come to the point when professional musicians
like my good friend prof. Tomaz Pinter take
the instrument in his hands. This is the moment I was
waiting for! You too? Not scary, just celebration of the sound
and the shape. The concept works well, only some
people see the violin and they are happy, surprised,
cool about, me too!
Go forward dr.Lojz go! Yes I did, there is no way back!

Take a look and listen the sound, some fine tuning will
be done in future and new violin is already in my head!

 And not to forget for the HiTeak violin from 1995 was played also:


This is one step more in my life full of passions and Violin is for sure one of them.
Thanks for all who support me on my way, this ones who are on direct contact with me
and the some of you who stay like a shadow in my life! Big thanks!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Violin passion part V

So far so good,
The master piece assembled,
first photo shooting completed!
Violin survive!
Me too!

Here just some overview shots to get better feel all about!

Enjoy life,
violin will be played today,
so more info will follow!

When I get from violin masters the first opinions, will be posted here!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Violin passion part IV

Here we go, no matter if the weather is cold, rainy, gray, pushing down, who care!
Sure we get some new snow in the mountains and when the sun show up will be perfect.
I have my own light to keep me up! The violin make new steps forward and make me lucky.
The final assembly of the body was successful. Well I must to made all the clams new, but this help really to get the instrument into right shape. On the photo bellow we clearly see the parts before assembly. Closer look on the parts show us the construction and innovations on the master piece. The rib of violin is completed with sandwich of wood and carbon fiber /45deg CFK and wood vertical/. The belly and the back /plank ;-)/ are of full spruce wood and the neck is maple. The fingerboard, what else then ebony, so great material to work with. The main core innovation is the carbon tube connecting the neck and the button at the end of instrument. The tube will translate all the forces of the strings to release the body to be free for vibrations.
Well done on this point, let's free the ideas to the life and make some music out of it!

What's come next, sure final tuning, the strings, bridge, peg's and start to play on!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Violin passion part III

Work on the master piece going successful in direction "mission complete"!
The famous "F" holes was cut out, the shape of the holes was taken from my fist violin, the outline and the position was slightly adapted to the new design. At this point no supersonic technology can help, only good hand, sharp eye and patience! Done nicely, enjoining the shape and precisions!

The carbon fiber on the bottom destroy for each hole one hand saw, no problem if the result is positive! Good to have proper Fret metal saws!

Violin scroll, one of the famous part of the violin. Each lutenist give to this part his own touch and design. The violins can be recognize bay the scrolls as well. On modern concept design of violin my contribution to this is design and technology to make and to have the carbon fiber scroll. Looks from done product completely easy, but is not. First step is to decide and construct the spiral of the scroll. A lot of good help it is possible to find in this book of Sergei Muratov, he was calculate the violin completely as many others! In any case perfect work from him! Many of different ways I was try to complete this shape technological wise. From all at the end I still need my hands, eye, good feeling to bring this shape as it is! The task is successful done and the result is awesome. The black fiber run from pegbox into the infinite line, surface of the scroll! Perfect! At the end late at night for the first time the violin is temporary together with all the parts, just for better visualization! Lets go to complete this instrument, I am waiting for!