Saturday, May 29, 2010


Lucky with the finished board the Poseidon cooperate too,
thanks to him, I was able to made weary first
run on the water. With the support of my friend Jani, the
destination was clear, go to coast!
I don't have any idea what will happened, the idea and
the galactic flow was too big over the development
time. One was clear, once we are 100% focused to the
final point the result come on suddenly.
In Grado North Italy the S wind was 8-12knots and it
was promising for fist attempt.

The Stealth kite race work as was predicted without any troubles on
the edge/classic kite style/ Fins are holding like a hell, but wait,
when you press the board flat on the water, "stealth" effect come on.
The board accelerate as a sports car, there is no comparison to
the "normal kite" board. I am talking from my 12 years guru status
in the sport, from early beginigs. The board was justified expectations
and the final trim on the straps and fins will be done in the future.
I hope I will in short get the Gps to be more precise on the
physical data, for me this is the most important point, just in front of
personal opinion and 3D design!

In any case we was enjoy nice sunny day, good wind for such a riding
style and perfect day.
See you on the water!

Friday, May 28, 2010


it is so far, the board is finished. At the end the right
description for the board could to be the concept kite race
board. The time will show on the right direction of the concept.
Some qiuck facts of the board, 1750mm long 500mm wide,
board alone on the scale 4,9kg, but unbreakable! From my
know-how some of weight can be taken off from the 
original layout. It is not exempt chance to go in direction 
of negative molds, lets see what the time will show on.

Here the are, her majesty the Stelth race in life. For all those
who not believe and comp renderings are not enough.

The board here is without pads, will be added later on request and ready for
some serious tests on the water. 
See you in 10knots with full speed, upwind! Can't wait!

Infusion composite

lets go step by step on technological procedure on the new race board
designed on my side. True weary complex construction of outside
fins on this board the end decision was to use the infusion technology
to get the ruff plate of GFK. The simply mold of Styrofoam was made
and in next steps the 12lyers of glass-fiber was lay down on the
positive mold surface. Vacuum bag all around with inlay tube for
epoxy, on the other side the air out. Less then 1h the resin was come
true all the laminates. Slow flow of the resin true the 7mm of glass fibre.

Front view of the fins block material
And once again the flow of the resin true the GFK, like a miracle!
The middle fin material was prepared on the same technology,
only the "mold" was plain table!
It was quite hard work afterward to get the fins in right shape,
but they are looks great when are mounted on the board.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the new race board go step by step to the direction of masterpiece.
With the help of Aeroprodukt company we successful make fist
step of lamination. The board get the shape of itself.
I was  looking to get better contrast on the veneer wood straps,
but the middle pieces come almost black out, that's life,
design vision and technology.

The reinforcement for the side fins and the inserts:

The veneer sheet ready to go, middle Macassar Ebony straps and outside the Koto veneer.

Here it is, the master piece done at the fist stage!

I am looking forward to have the board finished ASAP, the season is almost starting.
The middle fin was injected with infusion technology today successful and will
be fun in next days to infuse the side fins with there "strange" shape!
Lets go to work!