Saturday, July 14, 2012

Axeman Moth again fly over

a couple nano seconds later,
here we are
or I am again.
Happy about to have the "old Axeman" in action!
As I wrote in previews posts
and this year
The new hydrofoil set up was finished and ready to test.
First assembly and angels of hydrofoils check.

One good day on local lake Bled with pure enjoy, flying over the water surface.

Conclusion, the main foil works well enaught to bring the ower weight Axeman again to foiling.
One month before the Worlds on Garda Lake the new set up was presented.
The new foil based on HQ2012 profile, it is weary thin, so I have much more work to do, as I respect, specialy on the flap system and mechanism! In all everything works well and Axeman set up the new speed on lake with 17knot max!
I will upload here later the 3D files of the foil, to share the idea with Moth world!
Stay tuned!