Monday, October 15, 2012

Wooden ring

this small wooden rings, well known as Celtic knots are just the beginning of
some more complex project coming on my desk from my soul!
Somewhere man must to begin, for this time, checking the patterns
on round objects. It was all drawn on new, then the ring
of 17mm diameter was pre-milled on CNC from walnut wood.
Some hand carving and wax finish and the earrings are done.
I am satisfied with result, in future the rings as I need them will
be not so small and also the wood will be harder!

Enjoy the life and have fun with the work you did!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn nock on a door

The mountain
Yes the famous mountain
Show up white today!

For you, for me, for everyone!

This is not all, here some Autumn colors for your life!
Well seen true my eyes as it is, but colors are for all! 
Do not miss the colors around in day life,
I catch some of them for you!

More of those photos on web album!
Picasa rules!

Enjoy the life!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Aug update nr.2 Moth worlds At Garda visit

Somehow if the worlds come so close, it is must to see them! With Luc we was drive 500km
to Garda lake in Campione! Web page of the worlds here
Something special about this community of sailing, we spend great days there, with weary
special people! Many thanks to D team and Markus Steeg to give us the chance to
folow the race from the support boat. We meet French team who provide us with second
hand sail, which will replace the old Axeman sail! To Mach2 "father" Andrew McDougall,
for clear discusions on technical side of the Moth itself and the class! The new hydrofoils
was well presented and also clear accepted.

Sailing heaven on the Lake Garda

 Hydrofoils discussion to the details

 Luc helping Andrew to rework/adjust the wand mechanism

 Dug in action A3202

Moths in action!

Some more shots in Picasa album!

Aug update nr.1 The recorder stand

Walking around the word with open eyes, we have as product designers, this opurtunity to
see the "problems" on products. Exactly this happened with Mateja Bajt and her recorder stand!

Mateja Bajt studied the recorder at the Music School in Radovljica (Slovenia), and continued her studies with Prof. H. M. Kneihs at the Hochschule für Music in Vienna (Austria) In 1994 she finished her studies of methodology and in 1997 her concert studies with distinction. She received a special award from the Austrian Ministry of Science for her outstanding achievements. In 1998 she specialized in chamber and contemporary music. She teaches recorder on University and Conservatory of Music in Ljubljana.

Here is the link to last year concert at Radovljica music Festival

Mateja have from her professionalism, huge selection of recorders, some of them are top range of 
instruments themselves. So nice instruments need special care to be handling! The idea was born
after some discussion with her! Seeing the, close to 30 recorders stored, for my eyes
on inappropriate, recorder stand, the brain tornado with the help of volcano of ideas from her side,
give us the clean idea what the new stand will be! It take almost a year to finish the product!
It was worth for it!

From some early computer renderings, to clean the idea and set up the geometry, technology,
materials the R&D go step by step forward! 

The M_Pyramid was finalizing in workshop as the art design prototype!
The product is tribute and gift to Mateja and her recorders!

M-pyramid pictures with original recorders will follow as soon we find timing with Mateja,
on her busy scheduling!

The whole geometry follow well proved old Egyptian pyramids geometry, the recorders need
right energy for liveliness & love too!  Wood block on the bottom is done from American walnut,
the top transparent holders from acrylic glass! The recorders are rested on carbon fiber polls,
different lengths! The wood block get drawer for small parts which are in use to clean the recorders
and take care! Under acrylic Pyramid with two floors, on the wood layer the Celtic V-cut find the place! 
In all the special product was created and future ideas of 1/3 and 2/3 size recorder holder
are on the way! Lets see what the future show!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Luc on Axeman Moth foiling

again one good day on local lake Bled, this time Lucijan /14y/ on
boat practice to foil with moth boat! And this time too, the new foils are proved
and bring him over the water flying. The wind conditions was difficult because of
south wind, which is not constant and strong in gusts. He did it, congratulation,
he sign in the club of young foiles ;-)
Now the race begin for the max speed, soon I will be the looser ;-)
But I don't give up, will be hard race ;-) Go Luc fo it!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Axeman Moth again fly over

a couple nano seconds later,
here we are
or I am again.
Happy about to have the "old Axeman" in action!
As I wrote in previews posts
and this year
The new hydrofoil set up was finished and ready to test.
First assembly and angels of hydrofoils check.

One good day on local lake Bled with pure enjoy, flying over the water surface.

Conclusion, the main foil works well enaught to bring the ower weight Axeman again to foiling.
One month before the Worlds on Garda Lake the new set up was presented.
The new foil based on HQ2012 profile, it is weary thin, so I have much more work to do, as I respect, specialy on the flap system and mechanism! In all everything works well and Axeman set up the new speed on lake with 17knot max!
I will upload here later the 3D files of the foil, to share the idea with Moth world!
Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Chocolate Festival in town, it was sweet and colorful!
Enjoy the shots!
More of them as usual

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celtic Beauty part II

Time for Celtic Beauty,
as I was write already in
the new violin is on the way. Take time, but is normal to clean vision/work/technology.
Slowly everything is coming together!
The Celtic Beauty violin is on there way! Here is the illustration of the pattern making.
A lot of precise work! As is the Celtic culture strongly connected with the music,
so are the Celtic patterns also!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

After so many years, for this Eater I do it again, YES, paint the Easter eggs ;-I
It was surprise for my self, the hand is still avalile to draw patterns, happy!
For special purpose some patterns was made!
Here they are!

And the Mountain give as surprise again, with full power of nature, take the white cloth over!

More of them in Picassa album

Enjoy the LIFE


Friday, March 23, 2012

Hydrofoils 2012 update

I was asked from different sides to update the situation on the
current hydrofoil work. In the past this work have not priority
on my list, but was moved time to time!
Well here we go! The new underwater wings was laminated,
cured, and come out of the mold successful!
Afterwards the trimmed, cleaned and gap for vertical was open.
The horizontal foil will be screwed on vertical with M8, this make
good opportunity to adjust the AOA and general angle of the
moth to the water surface.
Work to do, cut the flaps, make the steering mechanisms and and....
Looking forward to have this finished in time to enjoy the wind and water!

Stay tuned!