Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We did it, Aerotow of the best!

One of side projects, not just for hobby, because I was learn making RC gliders, which give me a lot of knowledge from materials, technology and also to be patience, yes for a life!

Luc was made two foamies from a light Depron foam, he was enjoy like always to be creative. The electric motor plane is powered with 2s lipoly 700mAh at the weight of 150g, at wing span 800mm. For the sailplane he was take out the RC from Koaksial helicopter on 35Mhz. Sailplane is even lighter with good 110g.
He wish to proceed the Aerotow with booth creations. Last Saturday it was so far. I was invited to fly the towing plane, he was on glider controls. Well we was both a bit nervous but it works!
RC aerotow is one of the dificult steps on controling the models, booth pilots must to be simultan, precise and quick in case something go wrong!

Here it is the documentation ;-)

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