Saturday, December 28, 2019

to finish the year, with the best wishes from the Air,
to the water and everything in-between
I sending you all the best in 2020 from my lab!

End of the year time to cool down and make,
O yes, holly time, holly smoke....

As is no possible to buy the smoke cones with the smell of Christmas,
I make them, using special recipe, wood powder and good hands, it works!
Back flow cones are done!
 My good frind Jani drive me to make redesign of the Viktor Schauberger water
turbine. after research and hours on CAD the new shape of turbine was done!
Connected with the vision of backflow smoker the new holidays product was born!
 It smell well, it smoke well

 And it making tornado effect as well

December I started in Innsbruck on annual SCOTT ski test,
no more words please, it was super nice, fresh snow, good team,
all Scott friends together with the same goal, make good skis even better!

as the whole surfing world going crazy for the wingsail,
I have done the same wing in 1999

Lets awake the Phonix and go on the water,
well the Seajump is still alive and happy to be in the wind
And yea, it is Hi aspect wing shape
Gallery follow

my son Lucian was refubis the A class catamaran
and here are photos fron first sail, after monts of his work
on a boat, kudos Luc!

Neretva working kite holidays :-)
Full gallery here

lets make visual recap of second half 2019 part Two

Hydrofoils R&D was main activity of the 2019, from kite
foils, windsurf foils to awake of surfwing aka seajump2000

All hydrofoils in a row, from 2007, with a break, to 2019
Photo gallery:

O wing testing, windsurf foil and kitefoil
Photo galery

The "The Fast Oltimer", respect, was on the foils! Nice foiling sesion on my 15y old Moth!

lets make visual recap of second half 2019!
TFW 2019 was and will be, everyting foiling was on the water
the Owing was well acepted, the photo galery is here:

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Mahalo foil & vortex lovers
following bionic and physics rules to achieve totally new concept of hydrofoils!
Well known as round wing, closed wing, circular wing, ellipse wing, etc
(ask uncle google or search true academic circles!)

On drLojz lab table for years, time to show the new stage of R&D.
First touch on water, looks promising as we respect over know-how
with no surprise. Everything work as simulations shows!

With good mix of bionic design and understanding of principal physics,
connected with additive prototyping and help of carbon fibers
the new Owing2019 is here!

Owing will be with dr Lojz on the coming
TFW foiling week on Garda lake!
See you there with any needs, questions or suggestions.

Contact me on to meet there,
or drop a meesage to drlojz2(at)

Key word, the future is bright without vortex :-)

stay tuned

year around, still alive, better then ever :-)

Beside all the drones development, skis, Jetpacks V3,
I found time to work on the foils!
Some new development come on, from kite foils to
wing foils! New body on 90cm is on the water,
as the yellow low wind wing with the 1150 surface!

 Gliding performance mach the calculation and expectation :-)

 Yellow beauty 

In long term collaboration with we achieve new level of foiling

Stay up on the foil