Friday, August 26, 2016

Dugout canoe_ "Deblak" Stage Three,

Another nice day on the lake with Luc "Dugout canoe proa experimental"! Successful sailing around the lake, means the work was done properly, from construction, assembly and what is even more important the proa is sail-able!
I was again behind the lenses and tech support ;-)
Thx also to the core members of sailing club Bled, for all suport!

Kundo to Luc!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Dugout canoe proa experimental"

Dugout canoe_ "Deblak" Stage two,
well the wooden canoe get modification by Luc, powered by two Opti sails and we have the official launch yesterday! Luc was busy to prepare everything with setup and at the end of the day the "Dugout canoe proa experimental" land on the lake Bled. More tests will be proceed in close future, at this time the proa canoe works well! It will get replacement for surf board, with new outrigger made from wood! wait and see ;-)

Behind camera & tech support

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bled Cup 2016

For every year on 15th august the RC pilots & models from Slovenia, Austria, Italy come to
ALC for the biggest radio control event in the region! Every thing fly, from small models
to big scale! So nice to see! Here some photos for all of you, who miss the show
on this nice sunny day!

Link to Gallery
Bled Cup pictures

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dugout canoe_ "Deblak"

the summer project of Luc, Ota and friend Peter was finished today! Mission complete!
The group started in mid May, when Luc was found at river Sava bank the broken Spruce!
Well not the best wood for the Dugout canoe, but handful ;-)
Big work done to carved the whole tree out of round shape!
Today the work was so far to make test on the river Sava!

Picasa Gallery

Google Gallery

Congratulation to the group and the the work done!
The canue will get hte modification to the end of summer to be Proa sail boat,
 for the local lake of Bled! Let's wait & see!