Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moth hydrofoil elastic flap

Moth boat on the foils is some how extreme from the sport and also from technical side. OK not only these some problems are from the hydrodynamic also!
Current world champion Bora Gulari come up with interesting and professional done video study of cavitation/ventilation on the foils.
Here it is

The discussion on the SailingAnarchy forums started, some good ideas and problems was discussed and here we have one answer to the foil
ventilation problem coming from the flaps gap!

Moth hydrofoil elastic flap

Elastic flap end or extension will close the gap we have now on some existing foils where the flap end before the tip of the foil! This gap is in any case the point where the vortex of water flow is presented. From this "mistake" on the flow we get then the ventilation and the cavity on the foils. Result NO foiling anymore, wet eyes and crash....
This small triangular shape with the flap section on one side and pointed as much the technology and materials give up, will be made out of day-cast elastomere in shore hardness A40-A55max, or even better made from two or three hardness. As I pointed the technology is open and here in Lab we are ready for this service on demand.
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