Friday, November 13, 2009

Code Fire Box

This pages must content some design work as well, otherwise it will be not here! The world is turning and I honestly believe into good will also on work side. I was at end of August invited to work with the project group on the new Fire Box set up. My part on the group will be the product design. Timing like most of the time in my job was short, less then two weeks for the first propositions, just standard design process on my drawing desk! The task was clear, make new design for Fire Box! The parameters are LWH 1200x800x1100mm, so eurobox top view, to go true 80cm door! Here are the design propositions and presentation for the company! This was the design presentation to the company, on first meeting the edgy-Box was chosen for next steps. Now some real work can begin. Into next steps of projecting the 3D CAD was use and photo renders for illusion of the real product! In next posts we will follow the whole process of design. I was take over to prepare the Flayers of the product which doesn't exist, magic touch is here! More later!

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