Saturday, May 29, 2010


Lucky with the finished board the Poseidon cooperate too,
thanks to him, I was able to made weary first
run on the water. With the support of my friend Jani, the
destination was clear, go to coast!
I don't have any idea what will happened, the idea and
the galactic flow was too big over the development
time. One was clear, once we are 100% focused to the
final point the result come on suddenly.
In Grado North Italy the S wind was 8-12knots and it
was promising for fist attempt.

The Stealth kite race work as was predicted without any troubles on
the edge/classic kite style/ Fins are holding like a hell, but wait,
when you press the board flat on the water, "stealth" effect come on.
The board accelerate as a sports car, there is no comparison to
the "normal kite" board. I am talking from my 12 years guru status
in the sport, from early beginigs. The board was justified expectations
and the final trim on the straps and fins will be done in the future.
I hope I will in short get the Gps to be more precise on the
physical data, for me this is the most important point, just in front of
personal opinion and 3D design!

In any case we was enjoy nice sunny day, good wind for such a riding
style and perfect day.
See you on the water!


  1. Looking good. Can you please send me a mail?

    info at

  2. Hei Doctor
    please send me a email to talk about your board and your opinions. Thanks

  3. fantastic board! are you also into hydrofoils? what about building a raceboard with small hydrofoils below each fin, to lift the board a little out of the water, further reducing board drag ?

  4. Mahalo followers, good to hear you here, thx for the comments and good wishes! Hasse & Michael I will contact you on mail! @Herc take a look on November 2009 blogs to see the kitehydrofoil from 2007, more info on info at! dr.