Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the new race board go step by step to the direction of masterpiece.
With the help of Aeroprodukt company we successful make fist
step of lamination. The board get the shape of itself.
I was  looking to get better contrast on the veneer wood straps,
but the middle pieces come almost black out, that's life,
design vision and technology.

The reinforcement for the side fins and the inserts:

The veneer sheet ready to go, middle Macassar Ebony straps and outside the Koto veneer.

Here it is, the master piece done at the fist stage!

I am looking forward to have the board finished ASAP, the season is almost starting.
The middle fin was injected with infusion technology today successful and will
be fun in next days to infuse the side fins with there "strange" shape!
Lets go to work!

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