Friday, May 28, 2010


it is so far, the board is finished. At the end the right
description for the board could to be the concept kite race
board. The time will show on the right direction of the concept.
Some qiuck facts of the board, 1750mm long 500mm wide,
board alone on the scale 4,9kg, but unbreakable! From my
know-how some of weight can be taken off from the 
original layout. It is not exempt chance to go in direction 
of negative molds, lets see what the time will show on.

Here the are, her majesty the Stelth race in life. For all those
who not believe and comp renderings are not enough.

The board here is without pads, will be added later on request and ready for
some serious tests on the water. 
See you in 10knots with full speed, upwind! Can't wait!


  1. Lojz lepo lepo...inovativno, strupeno :)


  2. Cool board. How do see the widen side fins benefiting the performance of your board? Don't you think the heel of the back foot will rest on the screws of those fins in some situations?