Thursday, June 3, 2010


As this Blog was created, with Stealth_race_KB was achieved the
goal given. The concept kite race board triggered a lot of dust on
kite forums all around globe. At the
thy made more tthen 1100 reads and counting in 3 days!
Thanks for all supporters on this idea of the board. I know
I am on right way, there is no compromise!

The board is at the moment on final tuning of the straps and fins
positions, looking forward to be for the coming weekend
ready on the water. So far so good!

Looks like if the interest for the board will grow up with
such a tendency, then some number of the boards will
be produced out of negative molds, the question is just to 
set up enough orders to get good calc out!

Follow this space for more information's coming on!

1 comment:

  1. Mahalo Primoz!
    Not many news since last june :-((
    Any picts/trials to show us ?
    Michel from France