Friday, May 28, 2010

Infusion composite

lets go step by step on technological procedure on the new race board
designed on my side. True weary complex construction of outside
fins on this board the end decision was to use the infusion technology
to get the ruff plate of GFK. The simply mold of Styrofoam was made
and in next steps the 12lyers of glass-fiber was lay down on the
positive mold surface. Vacuum bag all around with inlay tube for
epoxy, on the other side the air out. Less then 1h the resin was come
true all the laminates. Slow flow of the resin true the 7mm of glass fibre.

Front view of the fins block material
And once again the flow of the resin true the GFK, like a miracle!
The middle fin material was prepared on the same technology,
only the "mold" was plain table!
It was quite hard work afterward to get the fins in right shape,
but they are looks great when are mounted on the board.

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