Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update week 23

it was fully week of sports, surprises, tests, crashes
and historic feels. Lets go step by step whats happened.

First of all I get chance to go on water with modification
foils on my Moth sailboat. See the blog here
On local Bled lake the conditions was nothing special,
but enough to get the Moth on the foils. Conclusion
is simply, the modification works well, before I was
not able to get up in low wind or with such a small
speed. Everything OK.
Later on week the forecast was better for Bohinj lake,
so I was there, looking for a nice session. But, mr. Murphy
was on work, First I was cut the trampoline, where is attach
to the boat, OK bad luck I say and go for new track.
But on some crash from foiling I was swim around
boat, I see the main foil broken, o holy s*! Only chance was
to sail direct to start point and the session was ended!

Here we have the broken main foil
Not really happy!

Angeled for couple degrees, with destroyed inside structure.
At the moment I am taking decision to make repair or go
for new design, h'mmmm????
And broken tramp, well or I am too hawy or the tramp mesh was old!

On Friday I have chance to go on Lago di Croche "I" for the second
test on Stelth race board. The results will be summarized and publish
here in short. The board get some modifications on and for first info
the max speed at the wind of max 12-14knot was 26knot. Not bad!

Follow this space for future info!

Today we have in town the meeting of Old-Bikes, I mean really old.
Ota my daughter ask me to go together and we go. I was ride the bike
from my grand father the German Wulcan from 1930 which I owned.
Ota was on the bike from 1960. Great party to meet so many bikers
with history behind!

Here we go Ota and dr.Lojz

I was able to have chance for a "test run" on oldest replica bike this day!
Only one to say crazy feeling to be part of history!

Wood wheels, steel rings and wooden seat, direct transmission and
HARD servo steering, bombastic!
More pictures on PicasaWebAlbum

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