Friday, June 25, 2010

Carbon fibre Tie

What's this?
It is long story behind, almost 15 yeas when I made design
and weary first CFK Tie! This was pure art design with
strong connection of hi tech technology.
And what's happened now, my friend Eric Raymond
made end decision and he will get married with Irena on Saturday!

He is the man behind Solar Flight SUNSEEKER,
he find the N Slovenia and the Alps flying area
as his new home. Well you can not be alone so Irena
join his way to go! At the end of this part of life
they have official weeding at Saturday 26.june 2010!

Eric at NASA meeting /wearing blue Tie ;-) /

What a weding present I can make for a man plying with
top art of technology?? After brain storm and couple
conclusions the end decision was done, Eric will get
for his wedding Carbon Tie! Well done!

The Tie is made from real carbon fiber in vacuum technology
with insert of mahogany! the top part have waves shoving
and simulating the flapping of the tie! True the waves
is going hi polished brass stick ended with a sphere.
At the other end the mahogany elliptic oval connected
the wearing neck brass circle!

Here it is the carbon fiber Tie!

At the end I choose simply gift wrap from the florist shop and
Tamala help me over the net to choose the right flower for this set up!
Orange-Yellow Rose, supper one!

It looks like this when I give the present to Eric......

He was in workshoop when I jump in, with surprise, give him a Tie
and he stay speechless! Good done!
I whish to Eric all the best on his futre steps in his life, I am glad to
support him on some of his fliping mind projects!
Go, Eric and Irena, go!

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