Saturday, October 30, 2010

Late October

Well summer is over, defiantly, we get fresh new snow in the mountains! Moth was find a place under the roof in workshop, will be well stored over the winter. So for next five months no sailing on fresh water. The remains are still alive, like this one from neighborhood lake Osiacher see, where we was with local sailing club, enjoing the wind:

It is good to see "old" Axeman still alive after broken foil, scratched tramp and and so on!
For this summer I was broke the main foil twice! It was reparid twice as well and it is now
in bad shape, well still working, but not 100%. The main flap must to be adjusted to get more
lift at speeds under 10knots. For the moment no big plans for moth activities over the winter, for sure some designs visions will be proceed!

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