Friday, May 6, 2011

Moth hydrofoil 2011

again long time from my last writing on the Blog, standard reason is too busy on different projects running in my life and work. But thing going on step by step, fist of all Moth will get new hydrofoil, the original was last summer twice broken, it is still sailable but bad performance. I start to design new one over the winter and it was on the CNC machine for the first cut.

I will write more regarding design construction in next posts,
here and now just some shots of making off!


  1. Good afternoon,
    I m thinking of building a new wing for my moth on CNC but Im having trouble chosing a material for it. what did you use?

  2. Mahalo Sebastiao, for the Moth hydrofoils I was use the MDF wood plates, the simplyest solution. The finish was done with epoxy only!