Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eda 5 replica goggles

And again, years ago I was made for mr.Albin Novak the author of replica plane EDA5 the male pilot model, that was somewhere in 90tis. For new history exhibition of planes he made new model in 1/2 scale! He got new pilot but without pilot goggles! I was kindly invited to make new ones. As in this stage the goggles was constructed in 3D CAD software Moi!

Eda5 1/2 scale made by mr.Albin Novak


 Retro goggles constructed in 3D Moi  /

The state of the art technology chosen was the SLS 3D printing, weary good result on the product with measurements of 70x28mm!
The cool retro goggles was finished painted and assembled with gummy strap around Eda head!

Eda is now ready to take off, for exhibition, good fly Edvard!

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    I am interested in your goggles, can you produce me several sets in different scales?

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