Thursday, May 19, 2011

Re Design of the sensor Faucet

For the VS company we are in A good mix of Creativity studio,  make a step forward with design in the process of "face lift" for the sensor Faucet . On the first step we re-engineering the existing Faucet to parametrically values in Alibre design CAD system. With this we can on time checking all the elements in Faucet and tolerance on elements. When designing, a new input was taken into account all possibilities of new manufacturing technologies, including automation.  The product has got a new look with approach of industrial designer, who was responsible for visual shape/look and he worked closely in the design process. For dimensional and functional verification, we make in the company Chemets, Kranj, prototype of the Faucet with the laser sintering (SLS technology). Based on this model were established silicone molds for casting with polyurethanes resin. Model of the Faucet was made ​​under the process of vacuum casting of materials with similar technical characteristics as the later finished products. Technology and process ensures maximum flexibility of manufacture to the requirements of product in this case, especially for the different configuration of accessories depending on the specific customer product. This covers a very important niche in the field of sensor taps. Using CAD design and manufacture a prototype according to the methods of 3D technologies, we significantly reduce development time product, in particular, its accuracy and flexibility for development and design
Existing senzor  Faucet
SLS 3D print



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