Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Claus Air

This December time is running true like a . . . . .
Somehow I come to idea to make this year the real flying Santa! Maybe this is the reason not to write on the blog, but I am back. Undefined flying objects are always difficult to realize, first tray was with 3D Santa, sleds, Reindeer and to be light as possible. Goal was under 500g. Santa was good pilot and Rudolf take for a power, no problem. Because of the box construction and strange aerodynamic I decide to build new one to be flyable indoor! I choose the "classic delta" wing wit Santa silhouette! Perfect, it is controllable, quite easy to fly and light! First fly's was done at indoor meeting, weary successful! And for the final, the show Air Santa was done at the volleyball game break. It was great surprise for the complete audience with music background and gym hall full of people. The drum supporters catch immediately the rhythm of the Jingle Bells techno background. Not too much space to fly, the volleyballs was flying around, but I did it! Show was great! Next show fly is planed for kindergarten surprise and some other events! The short video of the AirSanta will be presented here as well! Up to next time! dr.Lojz

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