Monday, September 6, 2021

Mahalo foil Lovers,
time to wake up again, summer is going to the end
and it is time to point some news from workshop, studio
and from the water trials!
Long story short, two years ago we have chance to get two old
Aclass catamarans, from Adria based sailing club,
booth was on the trash list! Link to the fist stage of project.

For a price of a beer we get two cats in parts not complete!
Lucijan was put a lot of effort and time into the assembly
and finish. The fist stage was done year after
and he became new owner of A class cat in our Sail club!
For this year and a lot of Corona time decision was clear,
A class must to fly! So new foils was build, again a lot of preparation,
building time, finalizing! Some weeks ago the Oldynew touch the water again!
This time with the wings! With the budget of almost Zero, Null, Cero, Hуль /in comparison
to the leading world sail class foil projects :-) we reach complete new boat
with purpose of sporty daily cat sailboat, just like a Porsche on the water powered by wind!
To reach this the ALU verticals was keept and the molds for the "L" foils,
plus rudders was made on new!
The result did not fall out, the OldAcat was made take off, on the first trays!
drLojz and Luc they made it again, all involved was happy as a hell!
Some photos from the doc and on the water!

touch and go


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