Tuesday, November 10, 2020

“The Electrified Wingsuit”

congratulation to Peter Salzmann for the project “The Electrified Wingsuit” with BMW i and Designworks!
Astonishing project, from Peter wing suit flying and technically driven from various engineers from BMWi and Design works studio! Kudos!

Need to read and look on!










Any correlation&similarity it's just random, to the Audi efoil from Franz Hofmann









Nice is the brands are using the extraordinary sports/projects for the promotion of the company

Same as we do at Good mix of creativity for the Filip Flisar & RedBull Jetpack project
Good to know, the V2 Jetpack version is ready to go, waiting for the athlete to
......made new speed record, ski crazy uphill, made dust in desert,
who know! 









Wait and watch, machine is ready, re engineered, with new design
and even more power!

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