Sunday, April 30, 2017

Chamonix last days of April 2017

The place where I live and Herve place,
just on the opposite side of the Alps
Life and eternity, so far and so close!
Chamonix was wake up on Friday in white,
ten centimeters of snow in the wally, so
cool for Herve last farewell! Crowd of friends,
coworkers, family, supporters and Alpine
mountains legends, come to say goodby
to this strong man! In silence with the snow flakes,
everybody and everyone was touched his way!
Later on the day, Herve send us blue sky and
white mountains, as he know the best!
Meet Maneint family. Katie, Artur, Loui,

friend Philou and almost whole Scott team, 
priceless, without words!

On Saturday Chamonix was as beautiful as can be!
best of the best, from top to down! With Philou
and Ota, we enjoy the Mont Blanc massive, glaciers,
blue sky, top of the Aiguille du midi!

Full album here

 Aiguille du midi of the best Saturday morning!

 Happy Ota :-)

 Philou and Ota discuss Mont Blanc

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