Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jetpack Challenge 2017

last year the Jetpack project was covered from my side

Urban Jet skiing of the best!
For 2017 nobody can stop Filip Flisar to be in time at Lunch!

Thru the city back home!
Full video to see here..........strap on please! Filip is incredible!

As Filip says:
Skiing fast with a jetpack in an open field is one thing, blasting across asphalt, granite steps and icy concrete in the middle of the main square proved to be a totally different story

The back pack get some modifications, for better force angle, safety issues etc!
The Jet tubine survive all the speed, some crash tests, only below zerro temperatures
was a bit problematic to start the engine! All in all two days in Maribor with RedBull team and Flisar,
again unforgettable!

Enjoy the life

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