Friday, May 20, 2016

Luc wooden skis

Lucian was finish the compete wooden skis for his product technology exam
at finals in high school in Ljubljana!
Attach the Lucian final school project, the wood skis, I add the CFK plate and
mr. Slatnar the binding, the steel edges are made by Tiko laser cut!
All in all the project of the best! The skis was on exhibition in Ljubljana, The wonder of wood
now the skis are in city hall and after at the final school presentation! Happy Luc!

 The skis are made on old wood bending technology, full Ash core, hand carved, oiled only, carbon fiber binding plate, back country ski binding by Satnar carbon and the laser cut edges by Tiko company In this stage we connect with the project the Slovenian companies on one product!

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