Friday, May 20, 2016

Jetpack Challenge

one of successful projects of this end of winter was RedBull Jetapck with Filip Flisar the world ski cross champ! The challenge come from RedBull and true the channels the Good mix of creativity was found to make the idea real! It was going fast, to catch the snow on Pokljuka plato!
I was take care of design, construction, work and finalizing. With the man of the turbine Urban Simcic, was clear, we go on the full! And it was!
From RedBull FB page
Sking With A Jetpack

We use the Alu frame back pack, with the CFK/AFK main plate, add the 1300°C tex to prevent over heating, the turbine cover and spoilers for better air flow! The engine is Titan from AMT Jets Netherlands, with 95K rpm, 40kg constant push and 850deg C exhaust temperature!

The making of video here 

The official RedBull English report here

All went well, we not explode, no fire, no crashes, just a lot of smiles on the faces! 
Fun and speed and days of thunder at plato Pokljuka!

touch and go

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