Sunday, June 1, 2014

Iinfinity adjustment of the main foil

Axeman Moth modification!

In 2014, I can say the Axeman7 is old school moth in the past low-rider,
then adapted for foiling, get modification nov on the main foil vertical.
As we all know the angles are one of the most important construction
points on sailboat foiling. Once I make the decision to adapt the attachment
of the main foil with infinity adjustment of the angle.
So here is my solution with slide upper fix point for vertical, where I can now free
adjust the angle as I wish!

Well the moth insiders will say OK but you loose the wand control vire distance! Well done,
it is correct until I get the spare parts and modify the steering mechanisms too ;-)
For now this is for me great improvement to play, adjust and study the angels!

The geometry and dynamics is well explained from Carbonicboats here

I thing one day moth class will get the same system as is in use at Don's K2 foiler

without flap system on foils, but with whole foil moving front and back.
The foils will be designed more into direction of today kite foils.
Yes this is the closer vision, not so far away and not to be surprised if
some design propositions appear from Good mix of creativity up!

Have fun and see you at TFW on lake Garda

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