Monday, June 16, 2014

14 Years

What a coincidence,
when I agreed to test the new Hydrofoil board, I did not even have the idea that I will meet a 14 years old kite surf  board, which was produces by me in 2000, completely up to date for that time.
There is 14 years of development in the area of ​​kite products.
Newbie meets the oldie, nice feel and they looks great together ;-)


Some successful board test was made ​​later and here it is the photo documentation. Looks well an it is good to see the Hydrofoil driven by the young power! Yari do his job well and we are all waiting for the next stage of R & D! Test was made in cooperation with and driven by mr. Boris Stepanov! Thanks guys!

Wait and see this place for additional info on the new foils, the development is going to Switzerland
 and yes into the workshop are the CrossOver foils for  ;-) 



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