Friday, August 31, 2012

Aug update nr.2 Moth worlds At Garda visit

Somehow if the worlds come so close, it is must to see them! With Luc we was drive 500km
to Garda lake in Campione! Web page of the worlds here
Something special about this community of sailing, we spend great days there, with weary
special people! Many thanks to D team and Markus Steeg to give us the chance to
folow the race from the support boat. We meet French team who provide us with second
hand sail, which will replace the old Axeman sail! To Mach2 "father" Andrew McDougall,
for clear discusions on technical side of the Moth itself and the class! The new hydrofoils
was well presented and also clear accepted.

Sailing heaven on the Lake Garda

 Hydrofoils discussion to the details

 Luc helping Andrew to rework/adjust the wand mechanism

 Dug in action A3202

Moths in action!

Some more shots in Picasa album!

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