Friday, March 23, 2012

Hydrofoils 2012 update

I was asked from different sides to update the situation on the
current hydrofoil work. In the past this work have not priority
on my list, but was moved time to time!
Well here we go! The new underwater wings was laminated,
cured, and come out of the mold successful!
Afterwards the trimmed, cleaned and gap for vertical was open.
The horizontal foil will be screwed on vertical with M8, this make
good opportunity to adjust the AOA and general angle of the
moth to the water surface.
Work to do, cut the flaps, make the steering mechanisms and and....
Looking forward to have this finished in time to enjoy the wind and water!

Stay tuned!


  1. looks great!

    What composite structure/layup do you use?

    How did you design the joint between the foil and the centerboard?


  2. Hi Klaus,
    thanks for positive comment, do we meet at Garda words? The foil structure is today state of the art construction with 110g CFK outside, 4 layers of 45deg 160g Cfk with unidirectional layers for reinforcement! 13mm CFK poll tapered thru the whole wing and this is ;-) Additional vertical wall at the flap line and "C" reinforcement at the LE of foil! Joint between centerboard and foil is in vertical box, screwed on! hope this help! dr.

  3. Thank you for your feedback!

    Curious that you went for the HQ2012 - I thought about that a some time ago. How does it work?

    I am currently finalizing the design of my cnc-machine, most parts are defined and on order so I'll soon be able to start working on my moth.


  4. New Moth, you say!
    I am looking forward to see creation!
    Wish you a lot of fun!
    Back on the road we say ;-)

    1. Hello dr.Lojz,

      The hydrofoil looks great! I am from a solarboat team in the Netherlands. We compete in the world cup solarboat racing ( The boats are fully powered by the sun and can reach speeds of 30km/h.
      We are planning on building a new boat for the challenge in 2014. On this boat we want to use hydrofoils for less resistance and good results ;). Since we just started we have relatively little knowledge about designing and building the foils. I would like to ask you if you could give us some information or characteristics of your foils? We are eager to learn and discuss the matter with experts!

      Thanks in advance,

      Regards, Jules

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