Saturday, December 28, 2019

End of the year time to cool down and make,
O yes, holly time, holly smoke....

As is no possible to buy the smoke cones with the smell of Christmas,
I make them, using special recipe, wood powder and good hands, it works!
Back flow cones are done!
 My good frind Jani drive me to make redesign of the Viktor Schauberger water
turbine. after research and hours on CAD the new shape of turbine was done!
Connected with the vision of backflow smoker the new holidays product was born!
 It smell well, it smoke well

 And it making tornado effect as well

December I started in Innsbruck on annual SCOTT ski test,
no more words please, it was super nice, fresh snow, good team,
all Scott friends together with the same goal, make good skis even better!

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