Monday, July 11, 2016

TFW Garda

The foiling week Garda Lake 2016
In all the festival of the best foilers of the world! I was there the third year
in a row and it was great! At the TFW we meet the constructors, designers
and sailors on and with the hydrofoils!

Official page for more info

For this year the event was even bigger and more and more foilers are coming!
We see, the big CG32 cats, the Flying Phantoms, Moths, Kitfoiles, Windfoilers, S9 Bimare
and a lot of prototypes, like the Voilavion, Orca H-15 and a lot more! Orca is funded and conceived
by Veneri, will be marketed by Veneri once development is completed. The design is by
Giovanni Galeotti and Tristan Mathez Loic (Tris Design). D├ęcision has built the prototype.

The oldest, 25 years old foiler was the Hobbie Trifoiler still in action!

Regattas was true the classes and mixed in categories!
The gallery true my lenses:

The next generation of the foilers ;-)

25 y old, respect!

35 knots + no comments

Orca prototype, design is by Giovanni Galeotti and Tristan Mathez Loic (Tris Design)


Windsurf foiler


For this time the Andrew McDougall, well known Moth guru, present the new WASZP
the entry level foiler! Adriano was organizing with the team the lake trials! Up to 20 sailors was
daily testing the WASZP to get the feel, what is all about! Everybody was coming back
on shore with the smile! I was on the water twice and the WASZP is just beautifully small foiler!
Thanks to Andrew and Adriano to give me the chance to sail WASZP, it was nice and I love it!
The official page:
The gallery of the regatta and lake trials

 The Guru Andrew


Dr Lojz on the WASZP, thanks to Luka for the shot ;-)

A lot of friends was there, for this year I was alone, Luc and Ota was on parallel activities,
I miss the representative from DADA agency, but will be better in the future, for next year
I looking to have new foiler ready, just to know ;-) Be there => Priceless

Go and enjoy the nature, wind, speed and pure life of the soul!

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  1. Nice. Thank you very much for the post. What are yoyr impressions on the Waszp. or however it´s spelled! :)

  2. Sorry Pedro for one month delay :-(
    Waszp is weary similar to my Moth, I was two times on the water and enjoy the sailing! The boat works well, it is professional produced, so many clever details! Simply to sail /not to foil, it is the same learning curve as Moth/ and a lot of fun! drlojz